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About Life-Legacy Services

Our Mission is to help you Plan Your Future, Live Your Life, and Craft Your Legacy.  

Life-Legacy Services®  is a concierge organization of independent professional consultants.  Through a diverse team of specialists, we  help you to discover your goals and solve your problems, so that you may live your life with confidence and peace of mind. Your team is focused on what you value-  your family, your life goals, and your legacy. Life-Legacy Financial Counsel can serve as your Private Family Office. 

We use a team of professionals to provide Fee-only Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Tax Preparation Services. We also provide, Budget Development, Debt Reduction Strategies, Personal Insurance Reviews, Elder-care Services, Home Management, Property Management, Business Succession Planning, Employee Wellness Seminars, Family Financial Education Seminars, Estate Planning & Settlement Services, Genealogy Research, Legacy Planning, and the Crafting of your Legacy Message.  

To avoid the common conflicts of interest, we have chosen to be a fee-only financial advisor.  We have no assets under management minimum, do not manage qualified retirement plans for employers, and do not manage money for municipalities. We do not receive investment commissions, insurance commissions, or referral income. 

Learn more about how the organization provides both financial and non-financial services at our detailed webpages- About Us,  Our Menu of Services, Our Planning Process,  Our Investment Management Process,  Our Advanced Planning Strategies

Plan Your Future

Our team members and trusted third-party specialists offer ...

*These services are offered through Life-Legacy Financial Counsel, Inc. See our disclosure section for details. We use a personalized dynamic planning process. We do not create "cookie-cutter" financial plans. We create custom financial plans and implement ongoing monitoring to help you achieve your goals.  

Craft Your Legacy

Our team members and trusted third-party specialists provide the following services to craft and protect your legacy. We understand that there is more to your legacy than just the stuff you leave behind. Your voice, values, and experience have value, too. We do more than just estate planning- we do Legacy Planning.

We provide a discount to veterans to record their Legacy Message™ and  experiences. The goal is the preservation and sharing of their experience, both private messages for family and public messages for future generations. Contact us to learn more 



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